Example IsJsonRequest()

While doing some ASP.NET MVC Json programming today I discovered there is still no standard extension method for checking whether a request specifically wants a Json result.

I wanted to support both the mime type as well as a ‘format’ parameter in the url.

Here is the extension method I wrote:

public static class JsonRequestExtensions
    private const string format = "format";
    private const string json = "json";
    private const string jsonMime = "application/json";

    public static bool IsJsonRequest( this HttpRequestBase request )

        bool isJsonRequest = ( IsRequestedFormatJson( request ) == true
                               IsRequestedMimeTypeJson( request ) == true );

        return isJsonRequest;

    private static bool IsRequestedMimeTypeJson( HttpRequestBase request )
        if ( request.AcceptTypes != null )
            return request.AcceptTypes.Any( t => t.Equals( jsonMime, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase ) );
        return false;

    private static bool IsRequestedFormatJson( HttpRequestBase request )
        return String.Equals( request[format], json, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase );

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